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Inclement Weather

  • In the event of inclement weather conditions, the Scappoose School District will either start school with a 2-hour delay or completley cancel school. If a 2-hour delay is issued, buses will be delayed for 2 hours in the morning. For example, if your child usually gets picked up at 7:35am, the bus should arrive at your stop at 9:35am. Snow route information can be found here. If the weather does not improve within the 2 hour delay, the remainder of the school day may be cancelled.
  • The decision to have a 2-hour delay or cancel school will be communicated through the Scappoose School District's School Messenger phone system, as well as the Scappoose School District App. Each family with an active phone number will receive a call and email, so if you miss the call, you will be able to read the message in your email. Please let the office staff know if there have been changes to your contact information.
  • If school is cancelled, all after-school activities are cancelled.
  • The decision to delay or cancel school will apply to every school in the Scappoose School District.